Using the Media Manager

The Media Manager allows you to upload images and documents to the server for use on your site.

  • Click "Media"
  • The "Browse Media" section will display current media items

The default folder is "/media."  You can organize your item by creating subdirectories by media type or subject matter.  To create a new directory, under "Create Folder" => "Title," enter the title of the new folder/directory and click "Create Folder."  The new folder will display in the "Browse Media" section.

Directory and Media Naming Tip:  Do not include spaces in the directory name and use lower case letters.  Instead of Latest News, use latest-news instead.  For images, use lower case letters and dashes or underscores instead of spaces.

Uploading Files

Under "Upload Files," select the folder/directory that you would like to upload the media to. Click the "Browse" button to select the file from your computer and click "Upload File(s)"

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