Sometimes creating a logo can be challenging.  Sometimes I don’t have a clear enough vision of what the client wants or the vision and culture of the company.  Sometimes the client doesn’t know what they want and it takes awhile for us to figure it out together.

However, that was not the case with the logo for Texas on the Go.  This was fun.

Texas on the Go is a new online publication from LACC that focuses on business opportunities in and for the State of Texas.

The owners and I had conversations for several months prior for Joomla consulting, which the site is based on.  They had the functionality of the site as they wanted it; however, the look wasn’t quite right.

The existing logo had a square orientation, which when scaled down to fit the site header just didn’t have enough impact.

Choosing a Color Scheme

Since I was familiar with the format of the site, I already had a good sense of the presence they wanted.  You can’t have a Texas related identity without red, white, blue, and a star; however, I deepened the colors to make them a little more sophisticated.

Developing the Logo

The main issues was keeping the logo rectangular so that it would fit the ezine layout and still have prominence on the page.

I tried different variations with a more prominent star; however, that took it back to a square orientation that we were trying to get away from.

So I played around with the “on the Go,” incorporated the star with the O and this is the chosen end result.