When people refer to cause marketing, they are typically referring to companies and brands sponsoring a charitable cause to show their alignment with the values that cause represents and to build a connection with supporters of that cause.

I am building a network that will have unique opportunities for that type of cause marketing, but today I am talking about another form of cause marketing … one in which you can get the marketing you need for your business while helping a cause.

While helping a friend and client, Mark Ritchie, with his outreach in Pakistan, I met Afghan Christians who evacuated to Pakistan last year after the country fell to the Taliban. With the attention on the war in Ukraine and the near radio silence in U.S. media about the aftermath of our withdrawal, many Americans think that the Afghanistan situation is done and settled.

It’s not.

The world was spellbound by the images of the evacuation from the Kabul Airport, the spotlight on the Nazarene Fund flights, and the story of Operation Pineapple Express. Very few people are talking about, or are even aware, that the millions in donations for those charter flights were used to take them to surrounding countries where at best, they are stuck in limbo in “lily pads,” and at worse, they are in countries like Pakistan where they are exploited and abused at every turn.

The Nazarene Fund evacuated one young man I’ve come to know from Kandahar. He went from life as a college student majoring in business to living on the streets, taking shelter in warehouses, and whose only connection to the outside world is through hopping on free WIFI on a phone without a SIM card.

While my friends wait for some sort of out or some sort of relief, the Pakistan government tightens the noose around their neck while picking their pockets. Every single item of concern listed in this Amnesty International statement has happened to one or more of our friends.


You may be thinking, “Okay, so it’s bad. What does this have to do with me?”

I’m so glad you asked. For the foreseeable future, at least through 2023, if you would like to donate (either personally or through your business) to help Afghans in Pakistan on their journey to a place where they can build a life, Legacy Marketing Services will match that donation up to 20% of any services purchased within 30 days of the donation.

So, if you need content marketing and would also like to help a young mother with AB- blood get her Rhogam shot or a young husband get visas for his family so his wife can get treatment at the hospital, you can kill two birds with one stone.

We are up to 74 people among 23 family units with various needs and unique situations. If you would like to be part of Team Kabul Hope, you can donate here.

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