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Avery. Avery is 8 years old.She had baby chicks.

Her favorite color is red, and thats very hard to believe.

Her favorite sport is soccer. She LOVES video games!

She riley wants a dog.

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Taylor. Taylor is a good sister, and a little dramatic.

Her favorite color is purple.See?, Her shirt is purple.

Her favorite sport is soccer, too. She also LOVES video games!

She riley wants a cat.

March08 004 PeytonAlvarez1 copy

Peyton, the pinching, biting, hitting,little baby in the family.

She can say ” niĀ  ho”! She is an amazing baby I tell you (and you herd it from me first!)

She is just a cutie, don’t you think?

Mom(Carla), She makes web sites. Dad (Chris), He had the idea of Geek Flavor!

Funny got to see pictures!

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