A lot of times when I work with clients, we are starting from scratch to build a business identity.  They either have a mish mash of marketing pieces out their with no cohesive theme or they literally have nothing at all.

This was not the case with McCarty Lawn Care.

When I asked Jerry, the owner, if he had a flyer or logo he was using, he sent me a flyer that looks like the web site screenshot below.

I loved it and I knew the web site had to match.

There were a few hours between the time I sent him an email asking if he had the flyer in a digital format that I could work off of and his reply.  During that time, I cannot even tell you how many stock photography web sites I looked through trying to find the image of the man with the crew cut with no luck.

When he replied, he sent me the original of the flyer and told me that he actually took the picture of his friend and then they Photoshopped it.

Is that not a great visual?

With the flyer file in hand, it was an easy task to convert it to an XHTML and CSS template for the Business Builder web site platform.

Not only does the platform make it easy for the owner to update their information, but it is also search engine friendly and facilitates good keyword ranking (try yard service kingwood.)

An SEO friendly platform isn’t the end to the quest for good search engine rankings. However depending on the competitiveness of the industry, sometimes that it is all it takes.