This week saw the launch of a web site redesign I completed for a Kingwood based industrial marketing firm, Marketects, Inc.  We had been waiting on a couple of final details to go live with the site, and it is finally public.

Marketects specializes in marketing and publicity services for businesses in the oil and gas industry.  The previous web site was state of the art when launch 10 years ago; however, it was time for a web site with a new look that utilized current web technologies and that facilitated search engine optimization strategies.

Working with the owner, Kerry O’Malley, on the new look was a lot of fun.  She was able to provide examples of elements she wanted to incorporate into the new design and had a very definite vision.

As she had several goals for the site, which included a portfolio showcase that she could easily update, incorporating an email newsletter, as well as a project management system to communicate with clients, I developed her new site on Joomla.

Joomla is an awesome content management system, one of my favorites.  However, there are several modifications to the base package that should be made to make it a SEM powerhouse for your business.  As the Marketects site was developed on the 1.5 version, I had to find replacement solutions for some of my old standby components and plugins.

One of the things that Kerry wanted in the new site was the ability to easily add content on her own.  She has already added a new resource article, 10 Ways to Increase Your Online Presence and Build Business, within days of the site going live as well as added new items to her online portfolio.