Last week we launched a new web site redesign for Wood Duck Farm.  The farm is located in Cleveland, Texas, and offers a farm CSA program with delivery to a number of locations around the Houston Metro area.  Each week members of the CSA receive a box of fresh produce with what is currently in season on the farm.  They also periodically have farm dinners on site.  Their summer CSA program is currently closed; however, you can sign up for their mailing list for notification when the fall season opens.

Like many of us who have been online for awhile, their site had gone through several renditions from basic HTML, to php includes, to the most recent version on WordPress.  They liked the WordPress platform; however, updates to the platform and plugins were hindered by a custom add on that had compatibility issues with the most recent version of WordPress.

So we started on a fresh platform, but migrated all of the content, both the WordPress content as well as the static pages, to a new WordPress site.

With the distinctively colored logo, as well as the wide selection of farm pictures, the design itself just fell into place.   Their mobile viewers, which between phones and tablets approach 50 percent of their traffic, are accommodated with a responsive design which adjusts based on the width of the viewing device.

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