Focus on Your Business.” This simple phrase could be interpreted in a variety of ways depending on which word is given emphasis.

Focus on Your Business” – pay attention to what is going on.

“Focus on Your Business” – focus on the actual process of how you do business.

But this marketing tip is about the third word, “Your.” Focus on Your Business.

When I was growing up I realized that, most of the time, people would follow you if you acted like you knew what you were doing.

As an adult, and even in business, I still see that same tendency.

Ask yourself, do you advertise in certain media or use certain methods, not because you are actually getting results from them, but just because a competitor is doing it?

Even beyond that, have you changed the focus or presentation of your business to mirror a competitor that you perceive as more successful?

Before you do this, here are a couple of things to consider.

First, you have no idea of knowing whether the competitor’s strategy is successful or not because it is not your business and you are not privy to all the facts. It could be a huge financial fiasco.

Second, even if it is successful for the competitor, it may not be the same for you. Every business, no matter how closely related, has it’s own philosophy, mission, culture, and distinctive competencies. What is the perfect marketing method for your competitor may be completely off-key for you.

There have been a number of times, both personally and professionally, that I have been going along, doing my own thing and when I notice others starting to do the same and I feel like saying, “Hey, don’t follow me, I’m just winging it.” I may be experimenting or testing the waters, but they take it as a proven road..

Building and growing a business is a process which you constantly have to test, review, and refine.

That process is one that requires that you focus on your business.

And for those of you who are the trailblazers, who define, innovate and create and set a business plan just to see a bunch of “Me too!” businesses try to jump on your bandwagon . . . Don’t worry about it.

Keep focusing on what it is that you do best. Those businesses will never be a threat as long as they are trying to copy yours.