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Client: Kingwood Connection
Services provided: Logo Design, Web Site Design, Newsletter Design, Marketing Collateral, Mobile Web Development, Web Site Redesign
Platform: Joomla

The Kingwood Connection is a community web site developed for Kingwood Texas.  It was the first site we developed in what became the Joomla platform.  The first version of the site was developed on Mambo, which was the precursor to Joomla. (You can read more about the evolution of the Joomla platform here.)

Originally launched in 2004, the site has gone through several revision, in style from the original "peek lime" theme that came as a stock theme with Mambo 1.0 to a custom designed theme.  The core platform was migrated from Mambo to Joomla 1.0 and finally to Joomla 3.3 with a fully responsive theme designed for mobile as well as a variety of devices.

The site is a good example of that fact that what you initially start with in a web site is mostly likely not what you will stay with.  Even when staying with the same platform, a site is constantly evolving whether due to technology changes or visitor usage.

In addition to the site development, other design elements were created including logo design, a marketing brochure for both print and digital use, and graphic design for various social media accounts.  

A weekly newsletter provides subscribers with information on news and events in the area.


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