Kingwood Blogger Shares Easy Tips for New Year's Eve Entertaining

Kingwood, TX -- In anticipation of the New Year's Eve festivities, Kingwood area blogger, Stephanie Manley, shares some of her favorite recipes and tips for hosting a New Year's Eve Celebration.

Manley's tips take the trepidation out of party planning. Through her step-by-step recipes on Copykat.com and her video tutorials, she has become an expert at sharing tips to help even the most novice cook achieve delicious results. "A lot of people would like to host more parties but are intimidated by the preparation and menu planning," Manley explains. "It doesn't have to be complicated, anyone can put together a meal their guests will love."

When asked for tips preparing a New Year's Eve menu, Manley recommends appetizers as a top choice. "I love to serve up a variety of appetizers when I have a party. This way you aren't locked into serving a meal, and by serving up appetizers you have some flexibility in your cooking. " Manley explains. 

Another benefit of appetizers as a menu that many may not consider from an experienced entertainer, "You don't want all of the appetizers to be served all at once, but rather, you can stretch them out over the evening." She advises. "I love to serve a variety of hot and cold appetizers. When serving up hot appetizers I often utilize my ever trusty slow cooker. I can put cheese dip in there, a bowl of meat balls, and well the possibilities are endless. I also bring out my electric fondue pot to serve up a fondue or two. I find these are so much fun, and people enjoy putting together their own plates when they get to dip whatever they want into the cheese."

A resident of the Kingwood area, Manley has published recreations of restaurant style recipes on her web site, www.copykat.com, since 1995. A popular speaker at food and blogging conferences, Manley is the author of two cookbooks: Copykat.com's Dining Out at Home and Dining Out at Home 2, which include readers' favorite recipes such as Boston Market's Macaroni and Cheese, Bennigan's potato wedges, Chili's Awesome Blossom, and the Olive Garden's pasta alfredo.

Her recommended New Year's Eve menu recipes include favorites from her own creations as well as those from fellow bloggers around the web. Choose one or two appetizers from each recommended category including, cheese, meat, and single bite delights for a well rounded meal.


Manley shares the inspiration behind her recipes.

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