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web design kingwoodLegacy Marketing Services is a marketing and web development company located in Kingwood, Texas. We specialize in customizing online solutions to meet each individual's needs and budget.

While we have clients located coast to coast, we especially enjoy working with businesses that live in and love the Liveable Forest as we do.

Whether you need a brand new web site to go along with your brand new Kingwood area business or a website redesign to refresh your look and take advantage of Web 2.0 technologies, we can design a site to fit your needs.

Small Business Web Sites:

When developing a web site for a small business, there are several factors we take into consideration:  what type of information needs to be relayed, who the target market is, the budget, and who will be managing the site. If an owner wants to manage and update the site themselves, we have a very simple and affordable option to do just that.  If they need a full featured site, we can develop that as well.

Some web development companies focus on one platform and build one type of site, whether it is the best option to meet that specific client's needs or not.

We don't do that.  We don't only develop websites, we are an online publisher as well . . . and believe me, we don't use just one platform for every single site we publish.  We choose the platform based on what we need the site to do, and we do the same for our clients.  We will build the best site for your business.

Custom Wordpress Blog Design:

Wordpress is a popular self hosted blogging platform; however, it can be used for much more than simply blogging.  We have developed a number of business websites that integrate standard information pages as well as a blog on the Wordpress platform.  Our Wordpress services include: full site development, Wordpress theme design, PSD to theme conversion, plugin development and customization, and ongoing updates and maintenance.

Q: Does my business need a blog?
A: If you have customers that you need to communicate with . . . Yes.

Q: Can't I just start a free blog on Blogspot or Wordpress.com
A: While free blogs are great for hobby bloggers, they are not the best choice for businesses for several reasons.  First of all, if you are creating content related to your business, you want the traffic generated by it to come to your site, not yourcompany.blogspot.com.  Also, the features available on Blogspot and Wordpress.com are vastly different and far inferior to what can be accomplished with a self hosted Wordpress blog.

Q: Don't all blogs look the same?
A: No, they only look the same if you use the same themes everyone else is using.  With a custom designed blog, it an meet your exact specifications.

Joomla Design and Development:

What is Joomla?

Joomla is another content management program (CMS) that is one of our favorite platforms to build a web site on for small business owners.  Like Wordpress, articles are easily updated.

There are several key differences between Joomla and Wordpress.  The first is that Joomla is designed with multi-level user accounts for both the front end and administration area whereas Wordpress is designed to have a couple of levels of author/publishers that have access to the backend and then readers are allowed to post.  You can hack Wordpress to have more of a user account system; however, Joomla has this feature ready to go, out of the box.

Also, Joomla's component system is uniquely designed to handle different types of content beyond just posts.  For example my Kingwood web site, The Kingwood Connection, has articles, blog posts, business directory entries, classified ads, image gallery entries, event listings, and forum posts.  Each of these is managed through its own component area.

Q: Don't all Joomla sites look the same?
A: No, not unless you are using a theme that everyone else is using.  As Joomla is an increasingly popular web program, there are a multitude of web designers that can do an easy install of the script, but don't know how to customize or optimize the site beyond that.  They either use free templates found on the internet or join theme clubs and use a downloaded theme that hundreds of other members have used as well.

A Joomla site can look however you want it to.  When we do a custom web site design (we have other options as well,) we start with a blank file in Illustrator or Photoshop and design your site from start to finish.  Once we have an agreed upon look for your site, only then do we begin to code the theme for your Joomla site as we would for any other platform.  You theme is completely unique and custom created for you.

Q: I've heard that Joomla sites have problems with security.
A: Every popular web site platform has problems with people trying to attack the site.  This is because the hackers are familiar with the platform and go looking for unsecured sites.  It is extremely important to make sure the site is set up properly to begin with.

The second thing to remember is to keep your platform up-to-date.  So far this year Joomla has been averaging a platform update every 2 to 3 months.  Sometimes the upgrade adds new features, but most of the time they are security updates.  Again, keep your Joomla site up to date! We provide one year of free updates with a custom design or redesign.  We also offer monthly maintenance packages where we will update your Joomla installation and/or addons as needed.

So as I mentioned before, when we work with a business owner we take into consideration what they need the site to do, how they want to use it, and who is going to use it before we settle on a web platform.

eCommerce and Shopping Cart Design and Development:

Do you want to expand your business operations beyond the Kingwood area and sell to clients world wide and need an ecommerce site to do it?  We can help!  We have developed web sites using a number of shopping carts, including popular Open Source platforms such as Zen Cart and Magento. If you just have a few products and don't need a hard core online store, we have several options we can integrate with Wordpress, Joomla, and even our Business Builder web sites!

On Call Support and Maintenance

Beyond developing small business web sites, we have also work with and provide support to online publishers such as TexasOnGo.com, InfoUSAMagazine.com, and numerous independent webmasters.  Every once in awhile you may need help with your site and we are there for you!



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