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After homeownership, owning a business is one of the main components of the American Dream.

But what does it take to make that dream a reality?

Everyone has an “idea,” but very few act on it.

In order to bring that dream into a tangible form, it takes a defined vision, a plan of action, and perseverance to bring that plan about.

I was thinking about this today as I published an article on the Kingwood Connection about String Rings.

String Rings are the creation of Tina Mansfield, a mom and local resident who was fed up with the outright mean behavior that is becoming all too common. The rings are sterling silver and come with 10 different colors, each representing a different act of kindness.

The rings are meant to serve as a constant reminder to be kind to others. How cool is that?

There are a lot of other local residents doing amazing things as well. is a local company and is nominated for a Webby award in the Mobile: Mobile Marketplace and Services category. Be sure to vote for them.

Glitz & Glam, owned by Kristen Plaisance, is a hair salon and spa for girls with a unique business format. My girls love it. When they get their hair cut, they get to wear a hot pink plush robe, water or soda in a goblet, and top it off with a mini manicure. It is somewhat similar to Libby Lu in that birthday parties are offered as well, except for the girls don’t come out of the party looking like baby beauty contestant wannabe’s.

Klip Flops is a local business that designs flip flops with interchangeable straps. If you live up north in the snow and sleet, this may not seem like a big deal to you; however, we wear flip flops in Houston year round. Send a set to your favorite college student. They’ll love you for it.

Do you have a great idea for a business but need help with the plan? Contact me and let’s talk!

3 Responses to “Making Dreams a Reality – Turning the Idea into a Business”

  1. Carla Alvarez



    Thanks for the heads up. I had put in “rings” and it’s actually singular. I’ve corrected the link.

  2. Angel

    I just wanted to let you know that it appears your link for String Rings doesn’t work. When I clicked on it to visit the website I get a page that says it does not exist.

  3. Michael

    Hi everyone, Michael Sharp here with I just wanted to stop by to say “Many Thanks” to all our friends in Houston, Humble, Porter, New Caney and especially the awesome Kingwood community for the tremendous support you gave and helping us to win the “2008 Peoples Voice Award”.
    Podlinez won the peoples voice for the Mobile Market Place and Services category because you guys worked your hearts out to get out the vote against some very powerful competition including Chase Bank, North West Airlines, and M Shopper. We are thrilled to have won and are very excited about going to New York for the gala and making our 5 word speech. We are very proud to be part of the Kingwood community and know we would not have won without your fantastic support. You folks are the greatest ever!

    Michael Sharp
    CEO – Podlinez Makes Every Phone A Podcast Player


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