Making the Search Engine Powerhouse Work for You

Do you currently use internet advertising? If so, do you use paid directory listings, sponsored banner ads? How about Google Adwords?

Yes . . . advertising on Google. Think it’s out of your price range? Think again. You can start advertising on Google for just $5, just a little more than the price of a venti Frappachino at Starbucks, and you too can promote your business on the most popular search engine on the internet.

Getting Started with Google Adwords

Not only is it cheap, but it’s also very simple to get started.

  • Go to
  • Click on “Advertising Programs”
  • Click on “Learn More” after “Apply Online”
  • Click on “Click to Begin” under “Sign Up Now”

Targetting Your Ads

You can choose to set up an account to display by Country, Regions and Cities, or customized searches that will display within a specific distance from your location. This is a very powerful feature of Adwords. If, for example, you have a salon and only want your ads to display to potential customers in your town, you can use the custom feature to pinpoint your advertising

Not only can you specify the radius from your location, but you can also define a number of coordinates to advertise in a noncircular area.

Creating Your Ad

This is the easy part. To create your ad, enter your headline (up to 25 characters) and a two line descripation (up to 35 characters each). There are two urls that you will enter. The first is the one you would like to display in the ad (mostly likely your domain name). The second is the page that the person will actually get directed to when they click on the ad. You can use this feature to track which ads are most effective.

Choosing Keywords

The next stage is to choose keywords to target your ad to. So going back to our example of a local hair salon, hair salon kingwood could be one of your choices.

Google will give you a little help with ideas for keywords with their suggest tool. Just enter some keywords in the text box and click “Get More Keywords.” A list of related words will be displayed. Check the words you would like to focus on and either add the keywords or click “View More” to get more variations.

When you are satisfied with your selection, click “Continue.”

Budgetting Your Campaign

This is the cool part of Google Adwords. You don’t have to worry about racking up huge bills for clickthroughs. You can set a daily budget AND set the maximum amount that you will pay per click.

Google has a sophisticated placement process where the highest bid will get the first ad placement in the right hand side. But if there are not competing ads, you will pay the minimum price of $.05 (yes . . . 5 cents) per click.

Enter your maximum daily budget and the maximum amount you will pay per click, and click “Continue.”

Finishing the Sign-Up Process

At this point, you will enter your email address and desired password and click “Create My Adwords Account.” After the account is created, you will enter your billing information to actually activate your account and begin to run the ads.

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