LinkedIn is a social networking platform designed to connect people on a business level.  Job seekers can connect with company contacts. Businesses can publicize their job openings and recruit qualified candidates. Professionals can connect with others in their field.

There are many ways that LinkedIn can be used to establish yourself in your industry.

As with any social networking platform, one component is status updates and connecting with your contacts.

In another tutorial, I share how to automatically publish a blog post or article from your site onto LinkedIn. However, you may want to publish a link to the post again later on or publish other status updates.  While you can do this directly from your account on LinkedIn, most of us have other things to occupy our day rather than sitting on a social site.

It was previously possible to link your Twitter and LinkedIn profile. Any Twitter status updates would automatically display on your Twitter profile as well.

However, this did not solve the problem of posting updates to your company profile.

Regardless, this integration was recently discontinued and is no longer possible.

So what is the solution?

Whenever possible, I try to create a situation where I can publish once and promote on as many networks as possible with a single click.

I like integrated solutions.

My business social network accounts are part of my content schedule.

The service that I use to manage this schedule is Hootsuite.

Fortunately, Hootsuite announced their addition of LinkedIn Company page updates just prior to the announcement that the Twitter and LinkedIn integration was discontinued.

Updating LinkedIn with Hootsuite

  • LinkedIn Profile
  • LinkedIn Company Page
  • Hootsuite Account

Add LinkedIn Profile/Company Page to Hootsuite

  • Click on the Getting Started Tab
  • Click on Add another Social Network
  • Select LinkedIn
  • Click Connect with LinkedIn

Once you have imported your profile and company pages, you can then post or schedule updates.

Posting an Update to a LinkedIn Company Page

  • Click in the Compose Message box
  • Select the profile/page you would like to post to.
  • Either click “Send Now” or click the calendar icon to schedule posts in the future.

To include a link, paste it into the “Add a Link” box and click “Shrink Link.” Any clicks on the link will then be tracked in the Hootsuite reports and analytics.

By using Hootsuite, you can integrate your LinkedIn profile and company pages with your business content schedule easily.

Try a 30 day free trial of HootSuite.


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