how to deal with shady people

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In SEO, there are different strategies for building search ranking.  One way to classify these strategies is by how ethical these activities are considered to be, such as “white hat” and, conversely, “black hat.” Within each of these classifications there is a range. For example, some people feel that “white hat” means no effort at promotion…. Read more »


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Combine a popular web site platform (Wordpress) with a user base where a good percentage lacks technical expertise and add to that malicious intent.  The result? A wide swath of sites that are vulnerable to attack.

I’ve mentioned before that outside of content and design, if you don’t have someone on staff that manages and maintains your web site, a web site maintenance service plan is often a good idea.  An excerpt of a previous article.

web site redesign for the kingwood connection

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Winston Churchill once said, “To improve is to change. To be perfect is to change often.” I’m not sure about the perfection part, but that quote is a good one to keep in mind when it comes to marketing your business online.

Things are constantly changing: search engines change, the sites we use and how we use them change, and platforms and technologies are constantly evolving. Assuming a web site has no major site design revisions or platform modifications in the interim, the average lifespan of a web site design is anywhere between two and five years.

web site maintenance service plans

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You may be saying, “I have a web site and we add/update content every once in awhile.  Why would I need a web site maintenance service plan?”

Content management systems are amazing things.  They allow a web site to organically grow, added to by the average user. The down side to CMS program is that there are a lot more pieces than a static HTML site.

Just as a CMS based web site can grow organically as a garden does, just like a garden, a web site takes continual updates and maintenance.  This is exclusive of content updates.

To illustrate, I’ll share what I did to one of my personal sites.